DGAC/EASA FCL 0.55 Exam Preparation

DGAC/EASA FCL 0.55 Exam Preparation

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This Lesson - Module 1 - Take Off Lesson 1 - Runway Incursions - Different types of runway incursions, their causes and prevention. Background: This Aviation English Course is designed for pilots who are taking the DGAC FCL 0.55 Exam and need to maintain their ICAO Level 4 or higher. However, the focus of the course is on giving the pilots the tools they need to be able to give a clear and accurate description of an aeronautical event (FCL Exam Part 2) using a wide range of vocabulary and grammar. The Course consists of 5 Modules containing 4 one to one lessons (1 hour each) providing a total of 20 hours of tuition.

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  • Toulouse, France